Tips and suggestions

We discuss topical issues here.

A despicable new scam run out of Adelaide involves someone calling you up claiming to be able to see your computer has multiple problems. Beware they are fraudsters. They then get you to download a program and sticky beak into your computer. They even give you an Adelaide number to call back to re-assure you. Hopefully the federal police have arrested them by now.

Spammers have increasingly been hacking other people's e-mail accounts usually for scams. They often email everyone in your address book. Spammers know you are more likely to open known sender's emails. To help stop this hacking, choose difficult to guess passwords with both letters and numbers. To find the address of the sender open the email and double click on the from box. This will often show you who sent the email. This can help you warn friends when their email settings have been hacked, and also can uncover fraudulent mail.

Recently when I tried to log on to St George Bank Internet Banking, a message came up that a file called 'Ibank redirect' was requesting to run from the logon page. This was an example of a hacking attempt. My security programs saved me. Keep your security up to date and run them regularly.

Your ISP will not tell you when there is a better and cheaper deal for you. They will keep you on the old plan for their profit margin. Check your provider's website regularly and get the best Internet Plan by changing your plan often.

Use your computer to watch and/or record digital TV. If your computer has no built in TV receiver, simply buy a USB dongle. Leadtek DTV Dongle Gold costs about 35 $ and ships with the all the necessary software and enables you to record TV to your hard disk or directly to DVD. This saves the need to buy an expensive DVD recorder and means you can also watch live TV on your PC.